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Our Businesses
Nissen Group has three separete core businesses : (1) the commerce business, (2) the financie business and (3) the other business.
(1) Mail-order business and sales representation business for apparel, lifestyle-related goods, etc., along with sales and wholesale of gift items through a “bricks-and-clicks business modelEcombining stores and various media (catalogs, Internet, mobile phones, etc.)
(2) Life insurance solicitation business and non-life insurance agency business, credit card business, finance and loan business, and any and all services related thereto.
(3) Development, store retailing of jewelry, and precious metals, and other related service businesses.

Through the capital and business alliance with the Seven & i Group, the Company seeks to create new added value by combining the strengths of each company of the Seven & i Group and the Nissen Group, as well as to improve the Nissen Group’s corporate value by also contributing to the promotion of the Omni Channel Strategy of the Seven & i Group.
Direct Marketing Division
In the Nissen business, the principal business of the Nissen Group, the impact in the previous fiscal year persists, and various factors are expected to drive up costs, such as the cost of goods due to the yen depreciation and delivery-related expenses. Towards the second half of fiscal 2015, the Company is striving to reduce the degree of deficit by boosting profitability, aiming to start generating profit as early as possible, by the profitability-enhancing measures such as improvements in cost ratio and fulfillment expense ratio through revision of suggested retail prices of the goods that are required to maintain profitability as well as enhancement of order accuracy, and substantial reduction of fixed cost of sales through decreasing the number of copies of catalogues for acquiring new customers, along with reduction in the number of pages of catalogues for distribution as well as issues of catalogues (from three issues to two in the second half).
At the three SHADDY-related consolidated companies, in an effort to stem the decrease in sales of the store business, infrastructure will be developed to integrate stores with the Internet, products and services will be digitized through the introduction of gift cards, the store visit frequency and repeat rate will be improved through common points and periodical sales, development of private label products that only SHADDY can provide will be strengthened, and the sales system will be reinforced. In addition, for the purpose of further strengthening growth business areas, income sources will be diversified by stepping up sales and marketing in bridal and corporate-related businesses, and expanding MoMA* and EC business, etc.
*A select shop that carries proqducts selected from the world’s latest good design items by the curators of the Museum of Modern Art, New York. we will strive to maintain net sales and expand revenue through the introduction of the new point system in addition to strengthening of existing customer contact services as measures to enhance the store business, as well as working to create new revenue streams such as self-consumption direct marketing and periodical sales of health foods.
Financial Services Division
Nissen Life Co., Ltd. will strive to improve profitability by enhancing face-to-face sales and consultation capability via telephone without depending on sales promotion support by insurance companies and raising the closing rate. Meanwhile, GE Nissen Credit Co., Ltd. will endeavor to improve profitability by acquiring new customers using the T-point system and promoting the utilization of cards.
Direct Sales Division
While the business environment is improving for the Group companies oriental diamond inc. and TRECENTI Co., Ltd., we will strive to stabilize revenues by continuing to pursue business structure reforms.
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