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Protection of Personal Information Policy

Personal Information Protection Policy
Since the rapid progress of information technology induced a broad use of personal information, appropriate use and protection of personal information are topics being currently focused by the society. Nissen following its 5 management pillars customers' satisfaction, trust of shareholders, cooperation with suppliers, contribution to Society and employees' self-realization is striving for the implementation of this beginning from its customer database as the base of the business. Consequently, Nissen established a compliance program for the personal information and declares herewith its efforts to protect personal information. Aiming at the appropriate use and the protection of private information, Nissen and every of its employees recognizes the importancy of personal information protection and its unceasily preservation and control.

1. Nissen shall strictly follow the “Compliance Program for the Protection of Personal Information” (JIS Q15001) and devote itself to protect and supervise the personal information.
2. In case of collection of personal data, the company should, further to inform the concerned person about the purpose of use of the data and about a contact person within the company, also secure that the collection of information remains in a pertinent range.
3. Collected Personal Information shall be used within the scope consented by the persons, it has been collected from.
4. Personal information shall not be disclosed to third-parties unless the customer has given his consent for doing so beforehand or entrusted this action.
5. Nissen shall take the appropriate measures to prevent the personal information, it holds from such as unauthorized access, loss, destruction, or falsification of data. Further, if by any case, such as described above would occur, Nissen has to implement corrective measures within the shortest delay.
6. Observing the laws and ordinances related to personal information as well as other norms, Nissen shall carry out changes as necessary according to modifications that might occur in laws and ordinances.
7. Following the changes in the environment or the social conditions, Nissen shall improve and continuously review the compliance program.

December 21, 2014
Nissen Co., Ltd.
President : Nobuyuki Ichiba
The Protection of Personal Information Committee
Telephone Number:0120-40-2009
Mobile PHS: 075-320-1406 ( Call Charges shall be paid by customers )
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